2022 APFS Advent Challenge Day 20 - Snapshot Metadata

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Our previous discussion discussed how Object Maps facilitate the implementation of point-in-time Snapshots of APFS file systems by preserving File System Tree Nodes from earlier transactions. In that discussion, I outlined the on-disk structure of the Object Map Snapshot Tree and how it can be used to enumerate the transaction identifiers of each Volume Snapshot. Today, we will briefly discuss two other sources of information that store additional metadata about each Snapshot.

Snapshot Metadata Tree

The Snapshot Metadata Tree is a B-Tree whose physical address can be located by reading the apfs_snap_meta_tree_oid field of the Volume Superblock. It stores two types of objects, structured as File System Records.

Snapshot Metadata Records

Snapshot Metadata Records store the bulk of metadata about Volume Snapshots. The key-half is a j_snap_metadata_key structure with an encoded type of APFS_TYPE_SNAP_METADATA.

typedef struct j_snap_metadata_key {
  j_key_t hdr;           // 0x00
} j_snap_metadata_key_t; // 0x08
  • hdr: The record’s header. The object identifier in the header is the snapshot’s transaction identifier.

The value-half of the record is a j_snap_metadata_val_t structure and is immediately followed by the UTF-8 encoded name of the snapshot.

typedef struct j_snap_metadata_val {
  oid_t extentref_tree_oid;       // 0x00
  oid_t sblock_oid;               // 0x08
  uint64_t create_time;           // 0x10
  uint64_t change_time;           // 0x18
  uint64_t inum;                  // 0x20
  uint32_t extentref_tree_type;   // 0x28
  uint32_t flags;                 // 0x2C
  uint16_t name_len;              // 0x30
  uint8_t name[0];                // 0x32
} j_snap_metadata_val_t;
  • extentref_tree_oid: The physical object identifier of the B-Tree that stores extent references for the snapshot.
  • sblock_oid: The physical object identifier of a backup of the snapshot’s Volume Superblock
  • create_time: The time when the snapshot was created
  • change_time: The time that this snapshot was last modified
  • inum: reserved
  • extentref_tree_type: The type of the Extent Reference Tree
  • flags: A bit field that contains additional information about a snapshot metadata record
  • name_len: The length of the name that follows this structure (in bytes)

Snapshot Metadata Record Flags

Name Value Description
SNAP_META_PENDING_DATALESS 0x00000001 This snapshot is dataless, meaning that it does not preserve the file extents
SNAP_META_MERGE_IN_PROGRESS 0x00000002 The snapshot is in the process of being merged with another

Snapshot Name Records

Snapshot Name Records are used to map snapshot names to their transaction identifiers. The key-half of the record is a j_snap_name_key_t structure with an encoded type of APFS_TYPE_SNAP_NAME. It is followed by the UTF-8 encoded name of the snapshot.

typedef struct j_snap_name_key {
  j_key_t hdr;        // 0x00
  uint16_t name_len;  // 0x08
  uint8_t name[0];    // 0x0A
} j_snap_name_key_t;
  • hdr: The record’s header. The object identifier can be ignored.
  • name_len: The length of the name (in bytes)
  • name: The start of the UTF-8 encoded name

The value-half is a j_snap_name_val_t structure.

typedef struct j_snap_name_val {
  xid_t snap_xid;    // 0x00
} j_snap_name_val_t; // 0x08
  • snap_xid: The transaction identifier of the snapshot

Snapshot Extended Metadata Object

Each snapshot has a virtual Snapshot Extended Metadata Object in the volume’s Object Map. The virtual object identifier of this object is stored in the apfs_snap_meta_ext_oid field of the Volume Superblock. There are multiple versions of this object whose transaction identifiers correspond to each snapshot.

typedef struct snap_meta_ext_obj_phys {
  obj_phys_t smeop_o;        // 0x00
  snap_meta_ext_t smeop_sme; // 0x20
} snap_meta_ext_obj_phys_t;  // 0x48
  • smeop_o: The object’s header
  • smeop_sme: The snapshot’s extended metadata
typedef struct snap_meta_ext {
  uint32_t sme_version; // 0x00
  uint32_t sme_flags;   // 0x04
  xid_t sme_snap_xid;   // 0x08
  uuid_t sme_uuid;      // 0x10
  uint64_t sme_token;   // 0x20
} snap_meta_ext_t;      // 0x28
  • sme_version: The version of this structure (currently 1)
  • sme_flags: A bitfield of flags (none are currently defined)
  • sme_snap_xid: The transaction identifier of the snapshot
  • sme_uuid: The unique identifier of the snapshot
  • sme_token: An opaque token (reserved)

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